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5 affordable ways to stimulate and develop your baby

Sat 1st Apr 2023


Blog / 5 affordable ways to stimulate and develop your baby

5 affordable ways to stimulate and develop your baby

At LullaBaby, we understand the importance of stimulating and developing your baby and the impact it has on their future. We also understand that in these difficult economic times, it can be difficult to find activities and classes for your children.

Fortunately, there are many inexpensive ways to stimulate and develop your baby that will not break the bank. In this blog post, we will discuss some inexpensive ways to stimulate and develop your baby.


Playing with your baby is one of the best ways to stimulate them. You don't need expensive toys; simply rattles, soft toys, and books will suffice. Play with your baby and you'll be surprised at how much they learn and grow.

Sing and dance with your baby

Singing and dancing with your baby is an excellent way to bond with them while also stimulating their senses. It's also a fun and inexpensive activity you can do at home. Play some music, join in the singing, and dance with your baby.

Talk to your baby

Speaking to your child is essential for their language development. You can discuss anything with your baby, from what you're doing to what they're seeing. Tell them about your day and what's going on around them.

Take walks with your baby

Walking with your baby stimulates their senses and exposes them to new sights, sounds, and smells. It's also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise for both you and your baby.

Attend local baby development classes

Attending a LullaBaby class is a cost-effective way to stimulate and develop your child. Sensory play, baby yoga, baby massage, and other activities are available in these classes. They also give you and your baby the opportunity to socialise with other parents and babies.

There are numerous inexpensive ways to stimulate and develop your baby that do not have to cost a fortune. You can help your baby learn and grow without breaking the bank by playing with them, singing and dancing with them, talking to them, taking walks, and attending local baby development classes. Remember that the most important thing is to spend quality time with your baby and to provide a nurturing environment in which they can thrive.

Affordable baby development classes in your area?

Lullababy is built on over 20 years of research and experience, allowing you to enjoy this precious time with your baby while knowing you're giving them the best start possible.

Our children enjoy their weekly classes. Every week is unique, and with over 80 different lesson plans, you can be confident that your baby will always have something new and exciting to look forward to.

Lullababy offer 3 different classes all offering different activities depending on your babies age:

  • Step 1 is for babies from birth to 5 months.
  • Step 2 is for babies from 2 to 13 months.
  • Step 3 is for 13 months to 2 years of age.


These classes are designed to stimulate your baby and introduce them to new things. These activities include:

1.      Makaton Sign Language

2.     Baby massage

3.    Baby Yoga

4.    Music and Movement

5.     Paediatric First Aid

6.    Sensory Play

7.     Social Time

8.     Baby Graduation