// Franchisee Case Study: Lullababy Plymouth

Franchisee Case Study: Lullababy Plymouth

Fri 30th Jun 2023


Blog / Franchisee Case Study: Lullababy Plymouth

Franchisee Case Study: Lullababy Plymouth

Name: Gemma Ritchie

Territory: Lullababy Plymouth

Started: September 2021

How did you start your Lullababy Journey?

Before starting my LullaBaby journey, I was a primary school teacher for nine years. I taught across all age ranges, spending most of my teaching career within Early Years which is where my passion lies. I absolutely loved teaching and working with young minds (it’s all I ever wanted to do). However, since having my own little girl, I found it increasingly difficult to strike a healthy work/home life balance and I felt that I was missing out on important milestones. My husband serves in the armed forces and is often away from home, so I began to look for other options that allowed me to still work with younger children but also allowed me the opportunity to be there for own little girl. 

What made you become a Lullababy Franchisee?

I had a brief look at other franchises but none of them compared to LullaBaby. After making an enquiry through the LullaBaby website, Jo got back to me extremely quickly. We arranged to have a chat on the phone which allowed me the opportunity to ask questions and for Jo to give me more information about LullaBaby. I was incredibly anxious about leaving my career as a primary school teacher as ever since I was a little girl, it was the only job I had ever considered doing. Jo was so welcoming and supportive which instantly put my mind at ease. I absolutely loved Jo’s vision and values for her company and after speaking to a couple of other LullaBaby franchise owners who could only tell me so many positive experiences since joining, I knew that not taking this incredible opportunity would be the biggest mistake I would ever make! Another factor I had considered was the initial cost to buy into LullaBaby and monthly payments was much better value than other franchise companies. 

How did you know the Lullababy Franchisee opportunity was right for you? 

One of the things I loved most about being a primary school teacher was being part of a team. I loved working with colleagues and sharing ideas, best practice etc. The idea of leaving this behind to start my own business was very exciting but meant I would be working on my own. After officially joining the LullaBaby team, I was introduced (virtually) to a very supportive team of ladies. Within specific groups, we could share ideas, ask questions etc. which allowed us to support one another and also made me feel less isolated. Jo would always be at the end of the phone too if we needed anything, nothing is ever too much trouble! Knowing that I had joined an amazing team (while still working on my own), made me know I had definitely joined the right franchise. 

How did you finance the startup of your franchise?

I funded buying into the franchise by using personal savings. I also used personal savings to buy extra resources and invest in advertising. This allowed me to start my business in the green, rather than repaying a debt back each month. If I was to give anyone advice on buying into a franchise it would be to have a little pot of money set aside to get you started e.g. for your first terms resources and funds to advertise your classes. I personally felt this helped my business flourish quickly. 

Do you have any tips regarding the legal side of things? 

I found the official paperwork and legal side of things very daunting, this was completely out of my comfort zone! My husband was incredibly supportive, and we looked through paperwork together. It’s always great to have an extra pair of eyes to look things over. Jo was also very supportive and any questions I did have, Jo was happy to answer them for me. My advice to anyone considering buying into a franchise would be to use a family member or friend that could read through any contracts with you! 

What advice for you have for anyone thinking of becoming a Lullababy Franchisee?

I am very glad that I bought into a franchise rather than started a business solely on my own for a number of reasons. The first is that being part of a franchise allows you to still work within a team and to share ideas and to support one another, which I absolutely love. Another reason is that LullaBaby is becoming a well-known name and established brand. Family members and friends that live in different parts of the UK may recommend finding a class local to them which is a brilliant way of advertising through word-of-mouth. Being part of a franchise allows you to still work for yourself, but gives you extra security to fall back on when needed. 


How to start your own franchise business with Lullababy? 

Here at Lullababy we provide everything you need to become your own boss and start your journey into child development sector. We provide comprehensive training, marketing resources and a powerful Booking Managament tool to run your whole business off. We have over 30 Franchisees in the UK who love their jobs. They get control over their working hours and their own income, whilst getting to watch their LullaBabbies grow, develop and smile. Being a part of the Lullababy family is a rewarding and exciting career path which offers a great work-life balance.

Starting your own baby development class business can be a rewarding and profitable venture. By joining our franchise, you can benefit from our proven business model, comprehensive training, ongoing support, and marketing resources. So why not take the first step and become a franchisee today? Download our Free prospectus