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LullaBaby is coming to Arun

Wed 15th Feb 2023


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LullaBaby is coming to Arun

LullaBaby Comes to Arun!


Hear from Steph, who is the franchisee for LullaBaby Arun.

Hi, My name is Steph and I live in Littlehampton with my husband Matt & our little girl Grace who is nearly 2. We are also expecting our second baby in July 2023!


When I was pregnant with Grace, I was working full time for a large food manufacturer as a manager, which was a very fast paced and demanding role. It was often very stressful and if I’m honest I really wasn’t enjoying my job, frequently coming home in tears.

When my maternity leave started, I felt that I really didn’t want to return to that role, I wanted to be present for my little one and didn’t want to be coming home stressed and short tempered.

I took Grace to baby classes throughout my maternity leave, and really enjoyed seeing her interact with the themed items each week, and as she got older interacting with the other little ones. I discovered how important these classes were for her development and was amazed at the rapid rate that babies learn and the vast amount of brain development going on in those early months and years.

When I took Grace for her first baby class, I can remember thinking this would be an amazing thing to do for a job and started researching baby group franchises.

Fast forward a few months later, and I am expecting baby number 2 and I am starting my own classes with Lullababy! I am so excited to be starting a job which I know will be so rewarding.

The thing that really makes Lullababy stand out for me, is that not only do we incorporate a little bit of everything (baby massage, sensory, sign-language) which makes it really cost effective for mums but also, we dedicate time at each class to focus on mum/dad where other classes focus solely on baby.

I can’t wait to welcome you to one of my classes!

To book a class with Steph, visit Baby and Toddler development sensory classes Arun | Lullababy