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My name is Angie and I am the proud owner of Lullababy Sefton.  Having been a Primary School Teacher for the last 14 years and more recently a Special Needs Co-ordinator, my life has been so busy with very little time to focus on a work/life balance.  After having my little boy, Albie, I realised that something had to change and I also became more aware of what my priorities were.  I absolutely loved teaching and developing positive relationships with parents and now I am looking forward to making lots of new memories. 


I live in Crosby, Liverpool and when I realised there was an opportunity to run Lullababy classes so close to home, I knew it was fate.  I am so excited to be delivering classes that offer support and guidance to you and your baby.  I know when Albie was little, I gained so much from attending various toddler and baby sessions and I have made life-long friends to share this wonderful journey of motherhood with.  Lullababy classes are designed to support with your babies’ developmental stages in a welcoming, relaxed environment.  I feel lucky to be able to utilise my teaching skills and knowledge to provide you and your baby with positive experiences.   


Albie is now 19 months old and he is my little dream come true.  He is growing so fast and I just adore watching all of his little milestones whilst feeling extremely proud.  As a family, we enjoy walks on the beach, holidays, reading stories and spending time together.  I am determined to be a positive role model for him in doing a job I love!   


I really can't wait to welcome you to my classes soon and to meet your gorgeous babies. 

Much love

Angie xxx 

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